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Mage Gameplay Guides

Dominate anything that steps in your path. Top-tier analysis based breakdown of the most optimal abilities to use in any given PvP or PvE situation. Whether it’s controlling multiple targets, taking on 5 people as 1 or innovatively surprising that enemy flag carrier.

Vanilla Mage Leveling Guides

No one wants to be stuck playing with all the peasants struggling on the Plainstriders. Rush to 60 in faster times than the current world record holders with our revitalized routes.

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From leading a squad of goons to being the most adaptable cog in an undefeated machine – whatever your desired role is on the Battlefield, we have the strategy breakdowns for you.

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Someone talking trash? Need a 100% win rate method to obliterate them? Look no further.

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Get an extra edge on the enemy. Everything from the most optimal keybindings to a database of the most valuable Vanilla WoW Addons you don’t even know about yet!