Mage PVP Enchants

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Vanilla Mage PVP Enchants for Patch 1.12.1

You use pretty much the same enchants in PVP as you would in PVE.

Unfortunately in order to have all the best enchants for PVP you need to raid a lot of Zul’Gurub for [Primal Hakkari Idol]s and exalted Zandalar Tribe reputation.


Minor Speed Increase (+8% Runspeed)

Small Radiant Shard, Aquamarine, Lesser Nether Essence

Minor Speed is the first enchant which you should get. If you don’t have Minor Speed melees with the enchant will catch you easier. It also is one of the cheapest enchants in game, so you really should enchant every shoe you get on your mage!

Weapon Enchants

In general +22 Intellect and +30 Spell Power are equal, depending on which stat you need more. I prefer to swap weapons depending the on situation so I have enchanted different weapons with Spell Power, Intellect and Spirit.

I have the already high int [Sorcerous Dagger] enchanted with +22 Intellect and I use it with [Skull of Impending Doom]. As the skull drains your mana I don’t go oom that easily with the high intellect boost. When I have my [Skull of Impending Doom] on a cooldown I use the [Staff of the Shadow Flame] together with +30 Spellpower enchant for maximum damage boost. When I run out of mana and I need to Evocate, I swap to [Will of Arlokk] with +20 Spirit enchant for maximum mana gain from Evocation.
Mage Weapon Enchants
However having this kind of weapon setup is very expensive, so for a starting PVP Mage I recommend getting an one hand weapon and enchanting it with +22 Intellect. You should use this weapon with the [Skull of Impending Doom], and when your Skull is on cooldown or you need to cancel the effect, you can switch your offhand ([Tome of the Icelord] from Alterac Valley is an easily obtainable epic offhand).

+22 Intellect
Large Brilliant Shard (15), Greater Eternal Essence (12), Illusion Dust (20)

+30 Spell Power
Large Brilliant Shard (4), Greater Eternal Essence (12), Essence of Fire (4), Essence of Water (4), Essence of Air (4), Golden Pearl (2)

+20 Spirit
Large Brilliant Shard (10), Greater Eternal Essence (8), Illusion Dust (15)

Head & Leg

[Presence of Sight]
The Zul’Gurub enchant is a no-brainer for PVP as it gives more stats than any other Head/Leg enchant. For one enchant you need a [Primal Hakkari Idol], [Punctured Voodoo Doll] and Friendly reputation with the Zandalar Tribe.

Please note that as the whole raid only gets 2 idols per ZG run (from Jin’do the Hexxer and Bloodlord Mandokir) and every class needs these idols, it might take a while to have both your helm and legs enchanted. Usually the players with at least Tier 2 level of item have a priority on the Idol over those who have lower tier items. If you happen to get a [Primal Hakkari Idol] before you have any T2 level items it is recommended to save it for later use. Or slap it to your [Goblin Rocket Helmet] like I did.

Goblin Rocket Helmet

For lower pieces of gear you should use +100 HP enchant which you get from [Libram of Constitution]. The Librams drop from Dire Maul and can be bought from the Auction House. In order to exchange the libram for the enchant you need [Black Diamond], [Night Dragon’s Breath] (4) and [Lung Juice Cocktail] (2) and 30 gold.


Sapphiron in Naxxramas drops the best shoulder enchant, [Power of the Scourge]. However as Sapphiron is the second last raiding boss in the game many players do not have a chance to get this enchant. Therefor most of the players settle for the +18 Spell Power enchant.

+18 Spell Power[Zandalar Signet of Mojo] – Requires Exalted reputation with the Zandalar Tribe and 15 [Zandalar Honor Token]s. You can buy the reputation with Bijous and Coins but it is very expensive. As you need [Primal Hakkari Idol]s for your head and leg enchants you usually get at least to revered in the process.


Best cloak enchant depends on the rest of your gear. In general I consider 1% Dodge being the best for cloak. However for low geared PVP mages +70 armor is cheaper and as you do not receive that much of armor from your gear yet it gives higher damage reduction boost on lower gear levels than with endgame gear. +5 All Resistances is not that good as most casters with good gear will have enough Spell Penetration to counter the Spell Resistance gained. However if you are using items with high amount of Spell Resistance in them (like the [Netherwind Regalia] for example) +5 All Resistances becomes a viable option.

1% Dodge
Nexus Crystal (3), Large Brilliant Shard (8), Guardian Stone (8)

+70 Armor
Illusion Dust (8)

+5 All Resistances
Lesser Eternal Essence (2), Heart of Fire, Core of Earth, Globe of Water, Breath of Wind, Ichor of Undeath


+4 All Stats

Large Brilliant Shard (4), Illusion Dust (15), Greater Eternal Essence (10)

+100 Health is an option for starting PVP mages at it is a lot cheaper than +4 All Stats.

Illusion Dust (6), Small Brilliant Shard


+9 Stamina

Illusion Dust (15)


In Vanilla WoW you do not have a general Spellpower Enchant for gloves, so you need to get separate Fire Power and Frost Power enchants. Ideal situation is to have two pairs of good gloves (ie 2x [Netherwind Gloves]) for both enchants.

+20 Frost Spell Damage for Deep Frost Spec

Nexus Crystal (2), Large Brilliant Shard (10), Essence of Water (4)

+20 Fire Spell Damage for Elemental Spec

Nexus Crystal (2), Large Brilliant Shard (10), Essence of Fire (4)

+40 Armor from [Rugged Armor Kit] is an option for lower geared mages if you do not have the gold for +20 fire/frost damage.